Blockchain for Efficient Healthcare

Welcome to the future of blockchain Healthcare platform. CareChain is a revolutionary platform where secured data, information availability in real time and crowdfunding has never been more efficient, easy and decentralized before.

Digital Medical Records

In order to change healthcare, the main focus should be assigned to the health data management that might be enhanced by the potential of connecting the heterogeneous systems and improve Digital Health Records (DHRs) exactness.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In order to be able to monitor the status of the patient remotely, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) includes the medical information collection through mobile devices, sensors of body area and IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets

Health Insurance Claims

Health Insurance Claims represents one of the very healthcare fields that can take advantage from stability, transparency and verifiability of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Early detection of epidemics

Detecting any epidemic in its early stage is vital to global healthcare, that carries huge importance for not only developing the proper drugs, treatments and vaccines, but for governments to also ensure the healthy livelihood of their countries.

The latter is the direct contributor to economic stability and growth. Without controlling and preventing outbursts of pandemics, it would be impossible to maintain healthy social and economic balance among populations. By far, one of the greatest pandemic that has hit the economy hard, has been Covid-19, which shows that besides early detection, there are a number of actions to be taken, in order to avoid the collapse of relatively weaker economies. Smart Blockchain algorithm, integrated with google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) checks and constantly tracks google searches, as well as medical treatments for certain symptoms, that will detect potential epidemic or pandemic for the future.

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Q3 2020

Blockchain testnet deployment

Q4 2020

Blockchain testnet deployment

Q1 2021

Integrating shared global network

Q2 2021

Developing global data unification network

(in progress)

Q1 2022

Integrating global digital medical records.

Supporting ETH and ERC20 tokens

Q2 2022

Application of Hash #160 protocol

Deposits, payments, trades and withdrawals in Bitcoin

Q3 2022


Launching ICO project